Something About Us

We are more than a brand, a logo, a product, a service or a company. We believe we stand for an emotion. An emotion shared by fellow adventure enthusiasts. FLYING WILD reflects our Passion, our Addiction to Adrenaline, our Need to Do Things Differently, and to Wear our Heart on Our Sleeve. An outcome of passion, Flying Wild attempts to help you get that piece of customized clothing or accessory that reflects who you truly are.
Go On – Dare to Be Yourself!

Our Logo – the WOLF - magnificient, wild and free – seeks to embody our brand signature - a rebellious and irreverent attitude elevated to the height of wearable cool.

A brainchild of Arun Lalwani – a graduate of the National Institute of Fashion Design and an ardent biker - Flying Wild was started when he felt a lack of easily available fashion clothing and accessories that reflected his personality. Having the infrastructural back-up made it easy to translate his creative vision into reality. Pooja Lalwani – the ‘Rainmaker’ for the brand - an extreme wildlife enthusiast and trekker and graduate from the University of Strathclyde – ensures that Flying Wild keeps flying wild.

A bit about the infrastructural backup

FW is a brand by Romano Apparels Pvt. Ltd. (RAPL) – the parent company of the leading kids wear fashion brand ‘LITTLE KANGAROOS’.

RAPL has been in the garment industry since the past 35 years and has everything from a design cell to manufacturing unit under its own roof. This translates to an up-to-date research and development team and a tight control on product quality.

More about RAPL or Little Kangaroos can be learnt from our website

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